To Remember the Beginning

Julie Munafo, Grade 12, Haddonfield Memorial High School


Years from now

Telling a story

From the beginning

You start here


You learned to tune your own strings


You learned to balance on your own two feet

That is extraordinary

To your moms and dads

You are their prized possession

You are made from scratch

It is undeniable

It is clear



You are eighteen

Rummaging through photos that know

Your roots

That sprout from

Your grandmother’s priceless smile

And the memory of

Your grandfather’s love for Frank Sinatra

Printed on a 4x6in. glossy piece of paper

You remember

Blinks of pure happiness

Nearly impossible to capture

These moments are inspired and

Thanks to a lens and a perfectly timed trigger finger


Moments of absolute bliss

The feeling of being in the now


Never forgetting to say I love you

Stems from

Our existence

Starting from the beginning

Told years from now