A Steady Spinning Star

Alexis Szkotak, Grade 12, Haddonfield Memorial High School


A steady spinning Star

out from the nebula of its creation

out from the dust and gas, repeatedly recycled

inching ever closer to another,

launching all that is left of its luminosity

Fading ever dimmer, tirelessly spinning

the hydrogen of its youth replaced by the colossal weight of heavier elements

in the expanse of the dark universe where few grow closer,

and many drift lightyears apart

Spinning ever faster, around another, sending pulses of gravity

stronger than the hearts of lovers beating together


Someday they will collide,

exploding life back into the universe so strong

the fabric of space and time itself ripples


And you O my love, so far yet so close

Spinning ceaselessly in the perpetual blackness of space

endlessly hoping, throwing, hunting, wanting the connection

written in the stars

Till you find the heart to beat with,

till the stardust within you, repeatedly recycled, finds another to collide with

and shower the cosmos with light, O my love.