A Song of Something Wild

by Matin Yaqubi, Friends Select School


Every breath I take is my own.

the air is scented with the perfume

of trees and I long to be lost in them,

as I long for you to be lost in me.

The crunch of leaves is music

as I walk, the symphonies echo

within each step and the sound

of your laughter is as much at home

as the wind, softly moving each branch.

We took off our clothes in the moonlight

and undressed ourselves in its silver rays,

we read each other’s textured skin like braille

and found the only answer that mattered.

The leaves fell and grew and

we fell and grew with them.

the birds loved and sang and

we loved and sang with them.

Until winter kissed our heads

and we grew white with it,

our hair falling like snow

onto the grass we so loved.

In honor of us the grass wove

a sepulchral quilt and the insects

carried us away as pharaohs.

In our bones did start a field

of flowers, on which

the sun had always shone.


Honorable Mention in the 2019 Walt Whitman Poetry Contest